We Always Begin Again

                 St Francis

Molokai, Hawaii  •  March 27-31, 2017

Join Amber and Diana for an incredible retreat at one of the most beautiful spots of one of the most beautiful islands. Molokai is known as the friendly island, the birthplace of hula, and is pristine in its beauty as local residents pride themselves on keeping development out.

I'm Amber and i've dedicated my life to creating safe environments for my students to discover their bodies physically and emotionally through yoga. I mindfully guide students through intelligent physical alignment and breath awareness in strong vinyasa and hatha classes.

By cultivating exploration in the classroom, students discover deeper vitality and happiness. By sharing my own evolving story, I can help to inspire students to honor their own authenticity, allowing them to feel more present, confident, and free. Grounded in their bodies and breath, students are able to travel beyond the physical into their profound truth.  Come join me as we explore the journey of joy that lies within all hearts.

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