My experience with your YTT was unbelievable. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life...I just felt like I got the call to do and it I did it....and I'm so happy I did. Everything from the retreat center, to the food, to the schedule to the knowledge of you and Diana as teachers was spot-on. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and it really has taught me so much about myself. The first experience was more about letting go, and this last experience was more about inviting the new in for me.


I really loved how compassionate you both were. Your teaching style was extremely empathetic, and you could tell you truly felt what other people were feeling (whether they were up or down), and I really admired that. 

Brittany Nelson- YTT graduate

 I loved the opportunity to practice asanas and then go right into discussion about the various aspects of teaching Yoga. It allowed a "real time" connection between the practice and the phillosophy/anatomy/alignment workshops.

          I loved the opportunity to do the training in a retreat style. The brain/body/soul is already shifting it's patterns and views of the world when you travel to another country, so it's nice to take in new information when you're literally in a brand new state of mind.

Miriam Chadwell-YTT graduate

Amber is a sincere and amazing teacher. I have had the pleasure of learning from her during two teacher trainings and she continues to be one of my favorite class instructors. Her vast knowledge of yoga asana and philosophy inspires me to continue to learn more.  Her passion for yoga and teaching is infectious and has reignited me to continue on my yogic journey as a teacher and continuous student. As a veteran teacher she has helped me identify my strengths and taught me to be more vulnerable and insightful. This has encouraged me to open myself up to my students and allowed me to grow more as a teacher. Thank you Amber for your amazing spirit, you are a true gift to this profession. 


Dixie Chamness, Yoga Teacher and Student

Nicaragua Winter 2016


Stowe, Vermont Fall 2015

Costa Rica Winter 2015

Breckenridge, CO Spring 2015

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