We Always Begin Again

                 St Francis

My experience with your YTT was unbelievable. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life...I just felt like I got the call to do and it I did it....and I'm so happy I did. Everything from the retreat center, to the food, to the schedule to the knowledge of you and Diana as teachers was spot-on. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and it really has taught me so much about myself. The first experience was more about letting go, and this last experience was more about inviting the new in for me.

 I really loved how compassionate you both were. Your teaching style was extremely empathetic, and you could tell you truly felt what other people were feeling (whether they were up or down), and I really admired that.

Brittany Nelson- YTT graduate


I loved the opportunity to practice asanas and then go right into discussion about the various aspects of teaching Yoga. It allowed a "real time" connection between the practice and the phillosophy/anatomy/alignment workshops.

I loved the opportunity to do the training in a retreat style. The brain/body/soul is already shifting it's patterns and views of the world when you travel to another country, so it's nice to take in new information when you're literally in a brand new state of mind.

Miriam Chadwell - YTT graduate


Amber’s class is well rounded and captivating. It felt like I was experiencing a delicious story through movement. Class starts slow, each pose carefully selected, and relevant to the peak of class. The warm up gradually builds and before my breath changed and before I started to feel tired, I realized I was sweating. When we arrived at the peak pose the progression made sense in my body, and my expression of the pose was effortless. Amber offered several versions of the peak pose, so regardless of where you at in your yoga journey there is space for you grow and challenge yourself in her class. The cool down balanced out the work out, and when I left my body felt well balanced and evenly relaxed. I would recommend her class for anyone who is looking for even and healthy movement or wants a solid healthy foundation for their yoga practice.

Lucy Doyle - yoga student

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